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JadeFoxScarletIbis Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
Marry Christmas and happy new year.
JadeFoxScarletIbis Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving.
TheLionheart19 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
Hello Nightrhino,

i was wondering if theres a chance you can make me a character portrait for my DnD character. im playing a mean looking lion mage. Iv seen some of your work and i think it would be amazing. let me know if theres a possibility or not.  thank you

Best Regards, 
JadeFoxScarletIbis Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015

Hello Nightrhino a.k.a John Connell I would like to ask you one or two more questions about novel Carnal.

  1)      When you said that you and somebody else were bringing out a brand new cooler version of your book what kind of cooler are you talking about? Is there going to be a brand new cover?  Is it going to be thicker, like more pages?  Is there going to be bonus art, characters sketches, and short stories?  If this question feels too much like a spoiler alert you don’t have to answer it, I’ve never been able to find a copy of Carnal so I really have no idea what’s inside or not.

    2)      Is there some place I can download a copy of the book digitally?  Like Kindle or downloaded from someplace free or at a reasonable price?

    3)      Fufaffinity is the only website that has any art of Carnal on it and on the gallery page there was a portrait of an elderly female lion called the old mother.  Does she play a major role in the story or is she like a character that tethers people and events together through story and knowledge?  Despite how old and scarred up she is you managed to make a very beautiful feeling and looking character out of her.

   4)      When you’re new version of Carnal finally comes out while you posted on any of your web sites?  Because if I’m not told I simply won’t know.

 5)      Are there two different illustrations of the tribe leader Long Eyes?  I’ve found two different pictures that title him as the character in it.

Thank you for paying my curiosity the time of day, I’m very curious about the universe that you and your friends have created and would love to learn more about the world that has been made and read a copy of the story.  I definitely want to see more of the art of the book and I already have three characters that I really like Oron, Omi, and Sphinx. I haven’t even read the book yet, weird.  I also liked the idea that you mentioned of humans from Europe and America coming to New Africa.  You could use historical events of exploration and colonization to further enrich your stories. I kinda feel a bug constantly asking questions and I thank you for taking the time to so politely answer them.  I would still like to have some of my other questions answered from before but it’s OK if there left the way they are.  I’m working on an idea for a fan story for Carnal I’m just trying to find the right idea that fits. Anyway think you for reading this and I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween.

Sincerely another creative mind.

JadeFoxScarletIbis Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015

Hello Nightrhino a.k.a. John Connell I had a couple more questions I wanted to ask you but didn’t remember till now.

1) In the story of Carnal does the phenomena of humanoid animals with societys happen around the entire world or is this just affecting Africa?

2) I also cannot find any of your web sites such as uglyartdog or nightrhino.  What happened to them?  And where do I go for updates?

3) What happened to all your Carnal art?  Are there any sample pieces/pages from the book?

4) If it’s OK with you may I write fanfiction for your series Carnal?

5) This one question is not changed.  Where can I buy a soft or a hard copy of your book?  I’ve looked and looked and look and found everyplace is simply out of stock are completely unavailable.

6) Is there a Wikipedia site I can go to too learn more about the Carnal series?

I’d like to think you for the time it took to read my comments no matter how long and perhaps annoying they can be.  I know a person with a job and a family has very little free time and I don’t want you to  think that I’m trying to be a past.  Anyway I hope you get back to me on the questions and since tomorrow is the first of October I wish you and your family the start of the happy holiday season.

Sincerely, another creative mind. 

nightrhino Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

1.Just happens in Africa , But some of the animals may be brought over to Europe and later America 

2.I took down all my old websites , redoing them , will have something up soon than later 

3, Took down all old Carnal art , Will replace with new art when the first issue is ready to come out

4. Be my guest , I love fan art and stories would be awesome 

5 We have a new version that we are working on that is way cooler than the old one

6 No wikipedia 

I really appreciate you taking the time to ask me these questions , It's you guys, my small group of fans that keep me motivated . Love to read your story when your done , Thanks again for the support
iloveitems Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
I'm really glad things are still brewing --- I was afraid you disappeared for good! I absolutely love the world you've created, and eagerly await its grand return!!
grahamward Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hi John, what's the best way to contact you about availability for art commissions/licensing? Thanks!
nightrhino Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

U can email me directly at , thanks . Always up for work
JadeFoxScarletIbis Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015

Hello ninghrhino a.k.a John Connell.  More than two weeks ago I became fascinated and curious with your graphic novel Carnal: Pride of the Lions.  I was looking up art to lion warriors and stumbled upon the front cover of your Pride of the Lions and was won over by the stunning cover art.  Since then I’ve been looking up on how to make a purchase of the story but find that it’s out of print everywhere.

I’ve looked on Amazon, Barnes &Noble, and all your conjoined art sites to look for in addition that’s for sale but can’t seem to find one.  So I have a few questions about where I can get a hold of a copy of your work as well as some questions about the story and the characters themselves.  I went to every site that had anything attached to your universe and am both curious and astounded with the characters and the world you molded, and with that have a few questions.  You don’t have to answer any of them but I’m just going ask them anyway.

Q 1) where can I find a hard or a paperback copy of Carnal: Pride of the Lions?

Q 2) you once mentioned that you wanted to make five volumes of this world and that there was a second coming out.  Has the second volume already been released or is it still in production mode?  Is the title for the second addition, Pray for survival or rise of the bulls?

Q 3) Do all the pages in your novel have illustrations are just a few?

Q 4) Oron.  Is he the lion on the cover of the book?  The cover was gorgeous I loved all the fine details.  From the strands of hair both course, frayed, and fine to the old scarring on his face.  That image is a marble to look at.  And I’m trying to place a name with a face.

Q 5) are any of the lion, hyena, or buffalo tribes or societies based on any actual tribes and cultures in Africa now or way back then?

Q 6) I know there are female lions in your world I’ve seen pictures of them, but what about female hyenas and water buffalo.  You mention in a Q&A that the hyena society is something along the line of matriarchal, so female hyenas may be less seen then males but still not seen it all leads something to be desire.  Same can be said about the water buffalo.

Q 7) Char is the last of the leopards.  What did the cheetahs look like?

Q 8) the same magic or science that made the lions, hyenas, water buffalo, cheetahs, and leopards in to what they are now.  Did it have an effect on any other animals in Africa?  Such as crocodiles, snakes, zebra, giraffes, gazelle, elephant, bird various species, hippopotamus they kill more people every year that both crocodiles and lions combined and finally humans them self’s.

Q 9) what time does the story take place in?  Hundreds of years in the past?  Hundreds of years in the future?  Or in the stories present?  Whenever that maybe.

Q 10) how old and how tall do the lion, hyena, and buffalo people get?  By compared to a human. Oron is said to be twice as tall as the average lion.  So how tall is he?

Q 11) I’ve seen a picture of an adorable lion cub called Ghost.  Is he Oron’s son?

Q 12) Sphinx the half lion half panther Egyptian themed warrior.  In my opinion this one has to be the most gorgeous of all the characters you create for this world.  So does he come in volume one or or volume two?  The sphinx’s path ever cross Oron’s?

I know there are a lot of question you don’t have to answer any of them if you think you might accident give away a spoiler.  But if you can at least tell me where I can buy a copy of Carnal I’d be very obliged.  Good luck with your family and you’re creative endeavors. 

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